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released February 10, 2017

Written by Population Control - Except MUTILATION written by Death
Solo on Mutilation by John G




POPULATION CONTROL Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Blackened thrash metal from Milwaukee, WI
Beer City Records

Mike -Guitars
Ricky - Vocals
Joe - Bass
Kris - Drums

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Track Name: Genetic Overkill
i'll rip out your soul

your futile eyes close

wake up again

as death comes in waves

your bloodline ends

my virus grows
Track Name: Population Control

mass hysteria as we come closer to your town the
graves are getting deeper from the bodies they will
house your world wasted in a steaming pile of ash

no way we'll ever be overturned
it's our way to seal the fate of man

into darkness we descend
population control is true
population control will start with you
Track Name: You Blew It
woke up today
with the same shit luck again
so just lock the room and inhale the fumes

ivehadituptoherewith it
Track Name: Wrong Answer
the warlords are coming to feed you with their swords

their flames ignite your every bone

eternal motherfucking force
Track Name: I'd Rather Be Dead
if i had a soul to save i'd be better off dead anyway

i've got an unholy ghost
i've got a holy ghost
i've got an unholy ghost
i've got a holy ghost

my holy spirit's puke

and i'd rather be dead
Track Name: Concrete Warfare
violence growing out your every limb
inflict all the pain engulfing the slaves of the earth

to the streets to find a victim night terror crosses your mind stalk the unknowing release the pain inside

concrete warfare! arise!
stalking the unknowing and bludgeoning them outside
intensify the night with blood in your eyes
stop the fear blinding your mind
leading you to think with the anger inside

concrete warfare! arise!
making victims of any passerby
helpless to the ideas controlling your mind
blind leading blind

countless victims
countless victims countless victims
countles victims
Track Name: Deranged Hunger
a hunger starts envelopes my will to live
thirst for blood the fabric of my inner-being
deranged from the hunger
blood is everything
the end of a life for a sweet release

in the cold the thought of life wakes a hate in me
the warmth of a dying breath laced in misery
like a holy revelation a prophet for the dead
my only vice is to wipe the earth clean
the only thought in my head i'd rather be dead than starved to death
sweet blood take me home again

in your bed lay stiff! in your bed scared to death
afraid of the hunger creeping in
in your bed lay stiff in your bed with your little kids
deranged from my hunger creeping in

sweet blood take me home again
Track Name: Desecrator
arise from your slumbers
this living hell is not a dream
it was designed in terror as the heavens continued to sleep

they get in your bones drag you along through a miserable fate
neurological suffocation
the death of anything real

awake! and see smoke stacks pouring out human ash
you'll feel the anointment of the gift they left you with

you painted a picture inside of your head of a world that let you fit in
but it's dead and it's bleeding and sitting in silence begging for you to care
you've seen it before and you'll see it again in the last gasps of your life
the gift of this madness
you're lying awake
in a nauseating pain

the shrieks!
the panic!
the horror!
the nauseating pain!

I felt it! it crept inside my bones!
fight or flight takes over! it found its home!

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